Ghosts of Miami


Ghosts of Miami

Miami, 1986 On average, one person is murdered every day in Dade County. Between the drug cartels, the AIDS epidemic, and a flood of undocumented immigrants, hundreds more will vanish, never to be seen again. Chelo Martínez finds the people who slip through the cracks.

Help Chelo explore the beaches and back alleys of Miami at its most dangerous, investigating her very first cases as a private investigator. You make the decisions: do you bait the shady drug dealer, or beat the answers out of him? When that handsome stranger shows up at Chelo’s door, will he help your case--or distract you from it? And will you be able to find Chelo’s missing father, who disappeared without a word almost ten years ago?

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in English, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese

Consuelo “Chelo” Martínez

Age: 23
Occupation: Finding Missing People
Preoccupation: Finding Tasty Snacks
Life Goal: To help her father and others who’ve disappeared to reunite with their families.
“No one just up and disappears, right…?”

Luciana “Luci” Escobar

Age: 24
Occupation: VIP
Preoccupation: The perfect stilettos
Life Goal: To live up to the Escobar name and reputation.
“No, I would not betray your lovely face for even the handsomest spy.”

Ethan Brown

Age: 21
Occupation: EMT
Preoccupation: Being good to his momma.
Life Goal: To someday put himself through nursing school, so he can support a family of his own.
“I’m ready to help! Just… tell me what I can do.”

Tala Nassiri

Age: 18
Occupation: High School Student
Preoccupation: Chelo’s old high school band
Life Goal: To be in a popular movie so that maybe her father, a political prisoner in Iran, can see her.
“Have you seen the latest episode of Miami Vice? We can’t talk until you have.”

Janet Lessig

Age: 30
Occupation: Professional Drag King
Preoccupation: The perfect hair swoop
Life Goal: Just to take care of herself and others like her.
“I’m the Prince Charming you’ve been looking for—you’ve just been looking in the wrong direction.”


Age: 52
Occupation: Gentleman Gangster
Preoccupation: Being mysterious
Life Goal: ???
“You may never be ready for me.
But when you are, call.”

Writer & Producer

Jo Fu

Technical Lead

Conrad Kreyling

Sprite Artist

Cassie Freire

Environment Artist

Iasmin Omar Ata

UX Artist & Programmer

Kim Nguyen

Story Consultants/Editors

Iasmin Omar Ata Magnolia Porter Stella Ramirez Ryan Murphy


Casey Yates Matt “2 Mello” Hopkins


Stella Ramirez May King

GHOSTS OF MIAMI is presented by PILLOW FIGHT GAMES, from the dev team that brought you WE KNOW THE DEVIL.